Air Horns/Sirens

Air Horns for Vehicles | 12v & 24v

Our 12v and 24v Airhorns deliver an incredibly loud blast at the press of a button, ensuring you're heard wherever you go.

Our range of Hi-Do Air Horns caters to diverse vehicle types and setups. For vehicles equipped with airlines, our selection includes truck air horns designed to be easily integrated into existing systems. Alternatively, for vehicles without airline compatibility, such as cars and vans, we offer air horns with compressors for a complete standalone solution.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility:
Our Air Horns are engineered to seamlessly attach to various vehicles, ensuring compatibility with cars, lorries, trucks, tractors, and even boats. Experience amplified sound performance regardless of your vehicle type.

Versatile Options:
Choose from our collection of 24v truck air horns or 12v car / tractor air horns to suit your vehicle's specific voltage requirements. We provide tailored solutions for different power systems, ensuring optimal functionality.

Adaptable Configurations:
Whether your vehicle is equipped with airlines or requires an all-in-one compressor-based solution, we have the ideal Air Horn for you. Select the configuration that best suits your vehicle's setup for hassle-free installation.

Enhanced Auditory Presence:
Our Air Horns deliver a powerful and attention-grabbing blast, enhancing your vehicle's horn capabilities. Ensure safety and effective communication on the road with our amplified sound solutions.

Upgrade your vehicle's horn system with's range of 12v and 24v Air Horns.