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HD Video Car Camera Recorder | 12v / 24v | Includes 8 GB SD Card

HD Video Car Camera Recorder | 12v / 24v | Includes 8 GB SD Card

Ref:  29CARSD

RRP:  £39.99
Price:  £29.99


HD Video Car Camera Recorder | 12v / 24v | Includes 8 GB SD Card

In case of an accident record your journey in high definition on this 12v/24v in-vehicle camera. It features a built-in 2.5” LCD screen that allows you to replay your journey on the spot. Sound is recorded too, and there’s even a stills camera option for recording high definition images at the touch of a button

The unit records at night-time on street-lit roads – so you’re protected on the road day or night.

Additionally, thanks to a clever built-in motion detector, it will start recording once motion is detected and stop recording once motion ceases to conserve power and recording memory.

As soon as you turn on your engine filming starts in segments of 2mins-5mins and 15mins recorded loops (individual segments are stored to SD card - once the card is full it will start to record over older recordings

Includes an 8 GB SD Card.

Powered via Li-ion rechargeable battery (full charge gives 1 hrs recording) or by 12v cigar socket (lead supplied).


  • 2.5” LCD screen
  • Powered by 1020mAh Li-ion Battery or 12v cigar socket (lead supplied)
  • Built-in microphone & speaker
  • HD recording quality (up to 720p)
  • Motion Detection Technology
  • Records individual 10 minute audio/visual segments
  • Recordings stored onto an SD Card
  • High quality auto-on infra-red night vision for night-time driving
  • Easily Accessible - replay your journey on the spot
  • Stills camera option - records high definition images
  • Optional on-screen time and date display
  • USB/12v car charging cables (supplied)
  • TV-out lead for audiovisual playback
  • Battery Life: 1hrs recording when fully charged
  • Memory: 1GB holds 15mins of footage (maximum memory card is 32GB)