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PEEK Spray Away Foaming Cleaner

PEEK Spray Away Foaming Cleaner

Ref:  95-330088



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PEEK Spray Away Foaming Cleaner

PEEK Spray Away has been developed as a water based foaming cleaner for interior surfaces.

Its foaming action works swiftly, penetrating and loosening all types of contamination. For a quality clean, use Spray Away!

Note: As this item contains compressed gas it can only be sent to a UK Mainland address.


  • Spray Away has been formulated from a blend of alcohols, solvents and surfactants which chemically lower the surface energy of soiling; enabling areas to be wiped clean with considerable ease.
  • Spray Away quickly removes general grease and grime from surfaces such as vinyl, leather, plastic, upholstery and carpets.
  • Spray Away can be used safely on removing stubborn stains from computers, VDU cases, TV Sets. keyboards, printers and photocopiers.
  • Use Spray Away for spot treatment of stains on fabrics, upholstery and carpets. Spray Away is suitable to use at home, in the office or in any vehicle.
  • Use Spray Away on anything from wood to plastics, from tiles to glass, from fabrics to leather and beyond! Spray Away removes dirt and stains from leather or fabric seats in your car or truck.