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Cool Box / Warm Box | 40 Litre | 12v / 24v & Mains

Cool Box / Warm Box | 40 Litre | 12v / 24v & Mains

Ref:  54-RK45X
Delivery:  Free Delivery in UK Mainland
Voltage:  12v, 24v & Mains

Price:  £129.99

Cool Box / Warm Box | 40 Litre | 12v / 24v & Mains

40 litre electronically controlled cooler/warmer box which can be run from 12 and 24 volts from any vehicle, and also from 240v mains at home. This allows you to cool/warm the box to the desired temperature before taking a journey.

It also has a convenient handle to pull it along effortlessly on the rubber wheels, which is very handy when it is full or too heavy to carry. It has two modes of operation, hot or cold, which cools down 18°C(below ambient) or up to 65°C.

There is also an 'Eco mode' which allows you to keep your cool box running without using as much power.


We like it because...

This coolbox is so versatile, it has mains, 12v and 24v connections so you can use it virtually anywhere. It also heats and cools.


  • 40 Litre Capacity Thermoelectric cooler box with handle and wheels
  • Convenient to carry with handle or pull on fitted wheels
  • Cooling performance: 15 °C -18 °C below ambient temperature
  • Heating performance: 55 °C to 65 °C by set-point thermostat
  • Insulation Material: High quality insulation of polyurethane foam
  • Eco Friendly, CFC-free
  • Voltage 12V-24V DC / 220-240V AC / 50-60 Hz built-in adaptor
  • Power Consumption:
  • DC: 40Watts in Heating Mode, 48 Watts in Cooling Mode
  • AC: 52 Watts in Heating Mode, 58 Watts in Cooling Mode
  • AC ECO Mode: 9.0W
  • Power lead length: Mains (240v) Lead - 110cm, Cigar (12v/24v) Lead - 170cm
  • Dimensions: 55cm (W) x 38cm (D) x 41cm (H)